by W.M.D (When Minds Develop)

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Recorded in Blackest Sin's basement in May of 2014.


released June 14, 2014



all rights reserved


W.M.D (When Minds Develop) Calgary, Alberta

We, W.M.D are a heavy thrash metal band hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are best known for our hectic stage presence and blistering, neck destroying riffs. May it be piercing screams, melodic solo's, or our crowd intimacy, the chemisty within W.M.D is one of the defining qualities of our unique style. ... more

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Track Name: Toxic Burn
LOOK UP... to the sky, feel the wrath of the nuke as it drops into the realms of hell.
Compelled by extremists to prepare for your final farewell,
Death to all, Toxic burn
Victimized, thousands died, Don't you see that our worlds okay?
Genocide, Crucified, Don't you see that our worlds okay?
Petrified, Utilized, Don't you see that our worlds okay?
Devasted, Mutated, Now you feel the Toxic Burn
Here they come with their military strike, fuckin' staying out of sight to add fuel to the fire,
They invade your space just to start another fight, woaaah watch as the east and west ignite.
Track Name: Baptized by Fire
I looked up to the moon and the sun, there was nothing in between,
Struck loud with a thunderous roar, black souls took over me,
Like a plague I felt so diseased, is it my turn to die?
I'm caught between Science, Religion.. My whole life is a lie.
I felt as if they had cursed me, nowhere to go, I could never break free.
Baptized by Fire, It ain't nothing new, this is your way of life, chosen for you.
Open your eyes, cant you see what you've done? Clawing my soul into corruption.
It makes me sick to think that you're out there, it fucking haunts me all the time.
and now that I walk this Earth lost and mislead, I hope you rot with regret.
I will kill you for doing what you did. You will suffer the consequence.
Track Name: W.M.D (When Minds Develop)
When thinking goes too far... The air begins to stink pollution.
Mother nature's on her knees, She's screaming kill me please.
Giant fire in the sky, with blinding light and intense heat.
Two mile radius of hell and from an aircraft that fell
Civil war upon the hill, look our brothers in the eyes and kill!
Genocide becoming clear, It's all triggered by government fear.
Track Name: Capture and Kill
Calling all who seek destruction, Mayhem awaits you.
At the spawn of light you'll hear his cries cause the devil hunts at noon,
Start a war in your own mind, thoughts unknow, was there ever a fucking crime?
As the earth begins to crack and the sky begins to fall, like sheep lead to a trap, Capture and kill them all.
I kill for the thrill, I play with your will. No time for remorse cause you're my main course.
666 8482, you've been pinned, hes tracking you.
Look around, the price we pay.
I killed for the thrill, I played for the thrill, Never time for remorse
cause you were my main course.